Fresh, delicious, unique sushi for only $3.5 a plate. Come in for a nominal seating fee(lunch:$5,dinner:$8)and everything on the menu is only $3.5! (Beverages, miso soup, soy paper, etc. remain at $1.50). Can’t find anything like this is Long Beach, or Southern CA!

Our restaurant was established in 2008 in Long Beach. It has been run by Koreans that are professionals for a long time on Japanese food and customer service.

Finally found our go to sushi spot!!

Service: is fast and friendly.

Food: really fresh and the sashimi was cut thick!  We had the sample sashimi platter, garlic roll and bake lobster roll.  I actually tasted the chunks of baby lobster on the roll, most places use very little or substitute the lobster.

Parking:  you can’t beat the parking here!  Huge lot rather than looking for a spot on broadway is a pain.

-Teresa W

I can’t say anything bad,
Their is parking available, which is always a plus.
The get down of this place is simple, you pay a $8 sitting fee, and after that any thing you care to order is $3, although premium items are $5 but all the good stuff is still $3.
So the food, i had the bulgogi, which was a $5 item. It was good, had veggies and lots of flavor, rice was sticky but i still tore it up ‍
Had the spicy shrimp crunch… Fire. Can’t go wrong at all.
Then i had the baby lobster roll    Pretty over whelming don’t get lost in the sauce. Wouldn’t get crab on top tho, just the lobster.
They are nice in there, they spoiled me with sake and Mochi. I think it’s proven that when restaurants give freee things the tips are always better.

-Natalie K

Looking to fill your sushi cravings, and poké wont cut it? Also dont want to spend a grip, drive far, but dont need all-you-can-eat (AYCE) sushi? Then this is a good option for you! It’s on the smaller side, located off Broadway in the east arts district. The good thing is that it has it’s own parking lot, so you dont deal with the tragic downtown parking situation. And since this place is a bit on the small side (maybe like 6-8 tiny tables and bar seats maybe 8), I wouldn’t recommend large parties over 4 at all.

The food is quite good here though. The edamame, tempura, sashimi, baked rolls, specialty and classic rolls, all quite good. The chefs dont over do or stuff the rolls with rice, but just right. Seawood and rice to vinegar ratio tastes spot on. Fish quality and handling pretty decent too. Good rolls and cuts, everything presented well. Hats off to the sushi chefs.

The price is pretty good if you do t need AYCE. I think there is a seating fee, which is like $8, but then all rolls are like only $3 each. So if you want to get your money’s worth, order at least 3 rolls and you’ll come out cheaper than most places that will charge $10-12 for some rolls. I mean, 3 rolls for 1 person is usually more than someone needs to eat anyway, trust me. But if you want to go ham, order 4, but beyond 5 you might as well have went to AYCE because then you dont benefit from a price point.

Anyway, will keep coming back. Have been here at least 5-6x now with consistent service and quality, so I am giving them a solid 4. The service and speed could use some picking up, sometimes slow and seems like not enough workers or something, so I deducted 1 star… but not a dealbreaker!


I LOVED the EXPERIENCE from Beginning to End!

Omg what isn’t there to say about this place I had an almost absolute perfect experience. I enjoyed myself very much this day along with tasting some fantastic sushi  and not to mention the great staff and wonderful company we endured during our visit.

I will definitely be returning even though I don’t have much to write for the particular establishment just know i had one hell of a time and coming by this weekend was a great choice all in all.

Ill be back to F&@K it up 1 more time for the 1 time!

Thanks guys!

-Jesse L

Small place, nothing fancy. Seriously my favorite sushi place of all time. Just moved away from Long Beach and I’m missing it so much!!! Fell in love with their Flaming Joy Roll and the Crunchy Shrimp Tempura, as well as the shrimp tempura ramen, bulgogi, and fried cheese appetizer. Craving so bad just writing this.

-Heather J

I have eaten sushi in Japan and in the East coast… this place has to be the best sushi I’ve ever had!!
I mean … let’s face it sushi becomes boring after a while… but this place… Man its amazing!!!
The flavors and the combinations of textures exite the palate
The good old steam edamame becomes an explosion of flavor in your tongue!
Never had I tasted lime and garlic w hot pepper on a perfect dish!
Visually it’s an invitation that your taste buds cant argue with… The rolls are creatively assembled do delight the eyes but the true test is in the flavor!
I will be coming back to this awesome corner of culinary heaven… or hell 9f you are addicted to food like I am!
The service is friendly and prompt, leaving you with a feeling of being appreciated as a customer… Trully you are made to feel like a friend, even if they never met you before!!!!
If you are not eating here you are doing yourself a diservice!!!

-Ron M

Love the sushi here actually everything here, nice waiters and the managers are so nice with a good sense of humor, even the chiefs are nice and greet us, i come here often and everyone that comes with me love this place as well

-Jessica O

Seen reviews and they looked good. Went in and got great service , seated quickly and reviewed the menu and couldn’t decide what to choose. The lobster bake was amazing along with The other rolls I tried. I was so full but wanted to try so much more I will definitely go back and try other items on the menu

-Kristina R

This place was a hidden gem we were in the area I wanted to find a good sushi place so I read through a lot of yelp reviews and decided to come here to try and honestly they have really great service very attentive to the customers and we tried The salmon, albacore, yellowtail, sweet shrimp, red snapper, fried calamari,Caterpillar roll, rice and bulgogi , and everything was amazing they also made ice cream mochi for my husband’s birthday and the sake was amazing.. the food and service was great And we will definitely be coming back when were in the area because we live in LA and it’s not easy to find great sushi places. We really appreciate all the hospitality and great service you guys gave us

-Haily T